Gym Memberships

Our complete training package.

Weekly personal training, class access PLUS full gym membership.

Prices starting at £31.25 per week!

Achieve your goals!

Personal Training 

Strength training - Boxing - Weight loss - Nutrition.

We have more than 10 qualified personal trainers working with Fitnesshub, all offering differing skills and methods so we can get the right trainer for you.

 Choose from 30/45/60 minute training sessions with prices starting at just £20 for 30mins.


We don't workout. We train.

Come and enjoy over 10 classes running every week, From our legendary Spartan classes, 45 or 60 minutes of full body workout to  our specialist callisthenics or boxing classes! 

Drop-in options are available - all levels welcome. 

The feel is unique: there is no incessant whirr-and-thump of countless treadmills or jarring clang of free weights. It’s friendly and fun, with an intimate atmosphere that’s hard to find in other gyms.
— Google review

Our facilities

We offer the best equipment for your specialised training. Cardio machines, free weights, resistant machines and our open Training rig with indoor astro-track.

Changing bays, personal storage, disabled access, Treatment room and Protein bar.