Fitnesshub Brighton offers you classes that are not only fun and exciting but delivered by our Personal Trainers. The classes are designed to give all fitness levels a full body workout with each trainer using their knowledge to make sure everyone is pushed to their individual limits properly, INCLUDING OUR LEGENDARY SPARTAN CLASSES!

Every class has flexible drop in prices, or for selected classes you can pay in advanced and save. All classes available on MoveGB. Contact us for your free trial!


Spartan Girls

Monday 6.30pm - 45min

- Girls Only!

We don't workout. We Train.

This 45 minute all girl training group is designed to condition and train your full body, focusing on those key areas combining traditional weight training with unique Spartan training including kettlebells, tyres and sleds!

£10 drop in. £28 for 4 sessions.

No booking required.



Spartan Mens


Thursday 7pm - 45min

- Men Only!

Your Workout is our Warm Up.

Try this if your bored of basic gym classes and actually want to be tested physically and mentally. Resistance training meets HIIT conditioning to equal survival of the fittest! Weights, plyometrics, tyres, ropes, sleds. Spartan. 

£10 drop in. £28 for 4 sessions.

No booking required. Fitnesshub Plus



Spartan Hybrid

Saturday 9am and Tuesday 7pm-45min

- Best of Both. All Welcome!

Set up Your Saturday.

Combining the best of both classes this high intensity total body blitz is designed to smash your way into the weekend boosting hard work from your midweek Spartan sessions. Using all the same toys and tunes for a feel good girl and guys power Saturday.

£10 drop in. £28 for 4 sessions.

No booking required.


HIIT Class

Tuesday 8pm- 60mins, Wednesday 7pm - 30mins, Saturday 9.45am - 45mins

- High intensity Interval Training

Expect to Sweat.

Either an express 30 or endurance 45, this class is a mix of high intensity cardio and free weight training open to all and delivers a serious gym based workout hit.

Tuesday £8. Wednesday £5. Saturday £8.

Booking required - Contact us



Wednesday 7.30pm - 1hr.

- Principles of calisthenic movement

Come and master your own body, using fantastic body weight training methods explained, taught and delivered to any ability in a community feel workout group.

Wednesday £10. 

Booking required - Contact us

boxing brighton


Thursday 8pm - 60 Minutes                 

- Boxing Essentials

Come and hit hard and burn hard. Learn padwork and conditioning drills with the basics of boxing, to the explosive speed and footwork needed to punch your way to becoming a complete boxer.

£10 drop in.

No booking required.